Kinds of Science and Exploring the Past, in all things Aug 2020. This essay explores the different ways science is done and argues that “historical” science can reveal meaningful knowledge about events that occurred in the distant past. article link

Understanding Scientific Truth, Aug 2018. The Science for all Christians essay collection is used in CHEM/BIO 180 “First Term Seminar” for freshman science majors at Dordt College. The collection is organized around four main themes. Here is an introductory essay for the “Understanding Scientific Truth” section of the booklet.

Against Common Sense, in all things, April 2018. A look at how often our common sense is contradicted by scientific conclusions that we nonetheless accept as valid, and some thoughts about the nature of scientific “truth”. article link

Lunar Stories: The Violence of Creation, Perspectives, May/June 2016. Thoughts on violence in nature, the search for lunar origins, scientific paradigms, and science-as-story article link

The Joy of Exploration, in all things, June 2015. A reflection written just before the historic New Horizons encounter of Pluto in the sumer of 2015. This encounter provided our first-ever picture Pluto’s surface. article link